Video: Democratic Representative Sean Maloney Goads Trump with What Republicans Say Behind His Back!

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In an interview on MSNBC (see video above), Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) goaded Donald Trump by pointing out that a number of Republicans who raise money off the former president’s name want nothing to do with him on the campaign trail.

“Donald, they’re laughing at you up on Capitol Hill,” Maloney said Tuesday on “Morning Joe.” “They use you like some cheap mistress for their purposes, but then they laugh at you behind your back and then they run away from you when they try to talk to voters in swing districts.”

He said those Republicans are fine using Trump in fundraising appeals but are “making fun of him.”

Maloney noted the close race for governor in Virginia, where former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) is running for his old job against conservative businessman Glenn Youngkin (R).

Trump has endorsed Youngkin, who in the past has said the former president “represents so much of why I’m running.”

But Trump hasn’t appeared in the state on Youngkin’s behalf.

“Look at what Youngkin is doing in Virginia, trying to have it both ways,” Maloney said. ”[Trump] really isn’t invited to their party.”

Maloney’s comments ― and a new ad from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which he chairs ― are similar to the message in an ad from a progressive PAC that appeared to get under Trump’s skin over the weekend.

The spot from MeidasTouch taunts Trump for not going to Virginia to campaign for Youngkin.

“Donald,” the voice in the ad taunts. “Why are you so scared to go to Virginia? Is it because you know Glenn Youngkin wants nothing to do with you? Or is it because your loser stench rubs off on everyone you touch?”

Trump on Sunday railed against Fox News over ads he’s seen on the network attacking him. He didn’t mention the specific spot, but MeidasTouch said its commercial had been running on the network in the same market as Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

We will see if  Maloney is right on Election Day – this coming Tuesday!


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