Book Launch Panel Tonight: Chet Jordan’s “Establishing an Experimental Community College in the United States..”

Dear Commons Community,

There will be a panel discussion tonight (via Zoom) that will focus on Chet Jordan’s Establishing an Experimental Community College in the United States: Challenges, Successes, and Implications for Higher Education.  Jordan’s book is an in-depth case study of the development of Guttman Community College, established by the City University of New York with the aim of increasing two-year completion rates. Jordan has done a masterful piece of commentary on the difficulties that Guttman has had since it admitted its first students in 2012.  He provides an insider’s view having joined the faculty in 2017, and details the academic and administrative reforms undertaken at Guttman.  He examines a range of curricular, administrative structure, governance and policy issues that were unique to the school. Most importantly, he offers critical commentary on why the reforms failed to bring the expected results.

In addition to Chet, the panel will include Howard Wach, Lavita McMath-Turner, Charles Pryor, and me.

If you wish to attend, please register at the following:

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