Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Airs Hate Mail – I know the feeling!

Dear Commons Community.

Last week Fox News’ Neil Cavuto aired hate messages (sample above) he receives from trolls mainly from people who feel he is not conservative enough for the network.  He is one of the only personalities on Fox who dared to criticize Donald Trump during his time in office. 

I know the feeling, I receive some nasty email on this humble blog also:  Below is a sample (heavily asterisked) commenting on one of my posts on Brianna Keilar calling out Senator Josh Hawley.

“Tony , you dumb son of a bitch!!
What f**in college did u graduate from, you stupid mother f**r. Don’t you have better things to write about! You dumb mother f**r. Your probably one young stupid p**k! You don’t know any better right! You dumb ass mother f**r!”

Author: Dt (IP address:,

Fortunately, the CUNY Commons has a comment filter which I use to screen for profanity-laden messages.


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