Interactive Map for Determining 2020 Electoral College Outcomes!

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The 2020 presidential race will be decided by voters in more than a dozen competitive states, where Joe Biden and Donald Trump will focus their efforts to win the 270 electoral votes needed to reach the White House. The New York Times has provided an interactive diagram that allows the viewer to build their build own coalition of states, which are organized according to Cook Political Report ratings, to see potential outcomes.

The bottom line in all possible scenarios: Mr. Trump will need to win some of the states that are currently leaning toward Mr. Biden to reach 270 electoral votes. But he can afford to lose some of the states that he won in 2016 and still win a second term. 

Neat way to examine possible scenarios.



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  1. Biden looks set to have a better chance of winning this year’s election. But does Biden really win or Trump? Who knows!