Governor Andrew Cuomo Unveils New York Tough Poster!

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For some politicians, only art can calm the passions after a long day — and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, now steering New York to a cautious reopening after the deaths of 32,000 citizens, has lately taken solace in the discipline of graphic design.

“What if somebody said, ‘OK, no words? Paint me a picture that tells the story of what you’re trying to say,’ ” Mr. Cuomo asked himself on Monday. Depicting his response to the coronavirus outbreak in images was “like a relief valve,” he went on; “I could go and just use a different side of my brain.”

Do bear in mind the governor’s admission that he relied on a less exercised lobe when you examine his new poster bearing the slogan “New York Tough.” This synthesis of the state’s coronavirus ordeal translates the nightmare of the pandemic into an equally nightmarish vision of an island mountain, festooned with icons of death and decline, overlaid with text flying in every direction.

For example, the virus arrives via a  plane, its wings scrawled with “EUROPEANS” and “COVID-19,” soaring to the mountain of death through clouds labeled “WH TASK FORCE” and “FED CLOUDS OF CONFUSION.”

At the top of the mountain is a face mask and the words “Mask Up.”

When Governor Cuomo unveiled his poster, he also gave a stern warning that we are not over the coronavirus crisis and to keep vigilant in practicing social distancing.  He was especially concerned about how the pandemic was scourging across parts of the country.

See here for  more interpretations of the images on the poster.

I like it!


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