Dr. Peter Hotez:  “We Are Not Going to Have a Country by the Fall” if We Do Not Do Something to Stem the Spread of Coronavirus!

Vaccine expert Peter Hotez reveals 3 things to help Houston reopen ...

Dr. Peter Hotez

Dear Commons Community,

I just watched an interview on CNN with Dr. Peter Hotez, Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine, at Baylor University, regarding the spread of the coronavirus in the southwest especially his home state of Texas.  He reviews the ever escalating number of cases, the burden on the hospital system, and the increasing death rate as indicators that unchecked, the country will be in deep trouble.  He went so far to say that “we will not have a country by fall”.  I hope he is wrong but he is right to  sound the alarm.

If you think Dr. Hotez is just another expert who supports CNN’s views, he is one of the few doctors who you can see on both CNN and Fox News.


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