General Mark Milley (Video): It was a mistake for me to be at Lafayette Square for President Trump’s photo-op!

Dear Commons Community,

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in a video keynote address to the National Defense University Class of 2020 Graduates, said it was mistake for him to have been at Lafayette Square last week during President Trump’s photo-op.  He also stated that it was a mistake for the military to be involved in domestic politics.  The full video is above.  Milley’s comments about Lafayette Square begins at about the 9:50 mark.  He also made powerful statements about the death of George Floyd (3:00 mark) and peaceful protests (4:30 mark.)

It took courage for him to record this.  I hope he did not put his position in jeopardy.


NOTE:  After this posting was made, it was reported by NBC News that Milley had contemplated resigning from the Joint Chiefs of Staff because of his participation in the photo-op.

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