Republican Group to Hit Trump Defenders With Scathing Ads on Fox News!

As impeachment heads to the U.S. Senate, Republicans for the Rule of Law plan to put GOP lawmakers who support President Donald Trump on notice with new ads (see sample above) that will air on Fox News in the Washington area. 

One ad calls out Trump for prohibiting key witnesses in the Ukraine scandal from testifying in the House impeachment inquiry against him..  Another ad shows GOP lawmakers standing up to President Richard M. Nixon when he refused to comply with subpoenas from Congress in 1974.

“Now President Trump refuses to comply with congressional subpoenas,” the voiceover said. “Will today’s Republican Party defend the president’s obstruction or defend the rule of law?” 

Sarah Longwell, the group’s executive director, noted that Republicans stood up to both Nixon and President Bill Clinton during past impeachments. 

“Republicans should remember their forebears as well as the precedent they are setting, and uphold their duty to the Constitution,” Longwell said in a statement that called impeachment a check against “a tyrannical, unaccountable executive.”

The organization is also planning a billboard (see below) in New York’s Times Square similar to the ones placed in the congressional districts of several House Republicans.

“What is Trump hiding?” the billboard asks. 

Trump and friends have a lot to hide.


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