George Will: ‘No Question’ Trump Should Lose Next Year – “We have to clear the ground and remove his awful presence from our lives”

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George Will

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Conservative commentator George Will wants President Donald Trump out of the picture, even if that means a Democrat wins next year’s presidential election. 

Asked during an interview with the Daily Beast if conservatives would be better served by a Trump defeat, Will replied: “Yes, yes and yes. There’s no question about that.”

He also said such an outcome would lead to a battle for new ideas on the right. 

“But first, we have to clear the ground and remove this awful presence from our lives,” he said. 

Will left the Republican Party in 2016 rather than support Trump, arguing at the time that the best thing for the conservative movement would’ve been a landslide victory by Hillary Clinton. He has only grown more critical of Trump and the Republican Party since then.

“It’s become a cult ― it’s become a cult because of an absence of ideas,” Will said on MSNBC in June. “Because they’ve jettisoned the ideas.” 

In another interview over the summer, he warned the GOP that young voters now consider Republicans to be “the dumb party.” 

In his latest comments to the Daily Beast, Will offered a compliment to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a potential 2020 Trump rival who is politically the opposite of Will. 

“What makes Elizabeth Warren interesting and admirable is not that she’s right – I think she’s wrong about almost everything – but that she brings gravity to politics,” he said.

This is a true conservative speaking not one of the hacks in the Republican Party.




  1. Not all socialist ideas are bad; social security, Medicare, Medicaid etc. Having everyone contribute, especially the rich who owe everyone a modicum of thanks for making the class everyone aspires to be a part of…but everyone has to put into the “kitty” the wealthier one is the more you contribute….it’s fair and everyone benefits in the end. I think it fosters patriotism and the aforementioned kitty becomes a lion whose roar reverberates across the country…a little of the good common sense from a truly fortunate member of society….got to get the Trumps of the world out of office in exchange for other accommodations like jail for that man and a reeducation for a vast majority of the people who call him Mr. President, uuugg !