The Chronicle of Higher Education: Executive Compensation at Public and Private Colleges!

Dear Commons Community,

The Chronicle of Higher Education is making available a searchable website that provides data on the compensation packages of more than 1,400 chief college executives.  As described at the website:

“The Chronicle‘s executive-compensation package includes the latest data on more than 1,400 chief executives at more than 600 private colleges from 2008-16 and nearly 250 public universities and systems from 2010-18.

These data show the total compensation received by chief executives in two sectors: (1) public college and university systems, from the 2010-11 through the 2016-17 fiscal years, and in the 2018 calendar year; and (2) private colleges, from 2008 through 2016.

Information about presidents’ tenures and prior employment were obtained from college websites, newspaper archives, or university offices. Photographs were obtained from university websites.”

The graphic above shows the compensation for the top ten executives.  William H. McRaven, Chancellor of  the University of Texas System, is listed with the highest total compensation at $2,578,609.

Very interesting data!



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