Arrived at Bayeux, Normandy!

Hotel Le Clos de la Chappelle, Bayeux, Normandy

Dear Commons Community,

We arrived last evening at 6:00 pm at our hotel, Le Clos de la Chapelle that is located in the old part of Bayeux, Normandy.  It was an eighteen-hour trip by plane, train and automobile.  Our hotel dates back to the Middle Ages and was a chapel hence the name.  In our room there are ceiling timbers from the original structure. 

After unpacking and settling in, we took a brief walk through  the old town of Bayeux and had dinner at a small restaurant, La Table du Terroir.  Bayeux has an incredible history that includes connections to Roman times, William the Conqueror (1066), and especially World War II.  Bayeux was briefly the capital of Free France and General Charles de Gaulle gave two important speeches here.  It was spared any bombing or serious damage and was occupied by German forces during much of the war.  It was the first town in France liberated by the Allies after D-Day.  

Walking the narrow cobblestone streets, one sees an old mill, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, quaint houses and shops. Claire, our hotel proprietor, told us that any of the buildings that have a V-shaped roof probably date from the Middle Ages.

To sit down for dinner at La Table was welcome after a long day.


   Hotel Le Clos de la Chappelle Backyard

River Aure

 Bayeux Street in the Old Town

Old Grist Mill

La Table du Terroir


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