The Washington Post Super Bowl Ad (Video): Democracy Dies in Darkness!

Dear Commons Community,

Last night much of America was watching the Boston Patriots win their 6th Super Bowl 13-3  over the Los Angeles Rams.  The Patriots won with defense in what was the lowest scoring Super Bowl game ever.  Gladys Knight was absolutely fabulous singing the National Anthem.  The halftime show was okay and without incidents.  At the end of the game, The Washington Post had an ad entitled, Democracy Dies in Darkness (see above).  It was a tribute to the important role that a free and open press plays in our democracy.  It concluded with photographs of murdered journalists, Marie Colvin and Jamal Khashoggi AND the words:

Knowing Empowers Us!

Knowing Helps Us Decide!

Knowing Keeps Us Free!

A very important message for all the viewers. 

Donald Trump must have had a fit!



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