CNN’s Anderson Cooper Speechless After President Trump Denies He Worked for Russia!

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The media is awash about allegations that Donald Tump’s worked for Russia.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper was flabbergasted last night after  Trump became the first American president to “deny he provided aid and comfort to a dangerous adversary.” Cooper was referring to Trump’s declaration earlier in the day in which he denied having ever worked for the Russian government

Last week, an article by the New York Times indicated that the FBI had opened an investigation in 2017 into whether the president had been secretly working as an agent of the Kremlin. 

This was followed by another report from The Washington Post that said Trump had repeatedly sought to conceal details of his personal interactions with Putin

“It’s hard to be at a loss for words at this point,” Cooper said. “But there’s certainly plenty to say about all the contacts with Russians, all the lies about those contacts, the criminal charges and convictions and connection with the lying.”

Its get more bizarre!



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