Time Cover: Trump and Immigrant Child Crying Sums Up the Travesty that Unfolded This Past Week!

Dear Commons Community,

This past week was a travesty for America’s image to the world.  The culprits here were President Donald Trump and his controversial policy of separating immigrant children from parents.  The new cover of TIME magazine cuts straight to the point: A small, crying girl being stared down by the leader of the free world.

Trump had initially responded to criticisms by claiming that it was not in his power to reverse the family separation policy, which his own administration had implemented. Under public pressure, Trump on Tuesday issued an executive order to do exactly that.

Today’s TIME cover juxtaposes a cutout photo of US president Trump in profile, with another cutout from a well-known image of a family being detained at the US-Mexico border. That original picture was captured by Getty photographer John Moore. In its original form, it showed the two-year-old girl reacting to her mother’s detention by a border agent in Texas. She is looking up at the agent, and the whole scene takes place in the desert, presumably illuminated by headlights.

In the illustration employed by TIME, the child looks with horror at Donald Trump, rather than the border patrol officer—effectively revealing the real power behind the family separation tactic. With both law enforcement and mother abstracted from the picture, the cover prompts readers to mull the ultimate consequences of a policy that separated 2,300 children from their parents, and puts Trump, the power behind the policy, face-to-face with his most smallest victims.

For shame,  President Trump!


Border Patrol Agents Detain Migrants Near US-Mexico Border
The original image. (John Moore/Getty Images)















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