At A.E.R.A – Pathways to Change: CUNY Reshapes Academic Policy!

Dear Commons Community,

I will be at the American Education Research Association (A.E.R.A.) Annual Meeting being held today in New York City.  I will be on a panel with Matt Goldstein, Chet Jordan and Lexa Logue entitled, Pathways to Change: CUNY Reshapes Academic Policy.   If you are at all interested in the Pathways initiative and what it has meant to the City University of New York, I think Matt, Chet, and Lexa will provide much food for thought.  If you are at the conference stop by.  Below is the location and abstract.  





Pathways to Change: CUNY Reshapes Academic Policy

Sat, April 14, 8:15 to 9:45am, New York Marriott Marquis, Fourth Floor, Odets

Session Type: Symposium


In 2013 the City University of New York implemented the Pathways Initiative. Pathways represented a sweeping change in institutional policy and practice, revised the general education curriculum, aligned major requirements across the colleges, and allowed for a more fluid transfer process within the system. The implementation of Pathways generated an historical conflict among numerous constituencies over issues related to faculty governance and academic freedom. This symposium will include key former administrators who led the Pathways Initiative and faculty from different sectors of the CUNY system. The conversation will highlight the successes and challenges of the Pathways Initiative and will invite audience members to join in a lively debate with panelists regarding the conflicts, promises, and possibilities of Pathways.

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