CNN’s Van Jones:  Donald Trump Has Become “President Snowflake”!

Dear Commons Community,

CNN’s Van Jones said that President Donald Trump is nothing like the tough-talking candidate he was on the campaign trail last year. 

“When he ran he was this tough guy,” Jones said last night on “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“This guy who’s going to get things done, this great negotiator.”

He was Trumpzilla. He was going to make Washington bow down. He was going to drain the swamp. Now he’s President Snowflake. Everything he says, ‘Oh, they’re mean to me, and they don’t like me, and I just don’t understand it and it’s not fair.’”

Jones said that kind of talk might appeal to Trump’s base, but to everyone else, “he looks increasingly bizarre.”

“It turns out you don’t have Trumpzilla,” he concluded. “You’ve got President Snowflake.” 

It does seem that Trump is doing a lot of whining lately. 



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