Donald Trump Addresses National Rifle Association Convention:  No Guns Allowed!

Dear Commons Community,

What has to be considered  an egregious contradiction, Donald Trump addressed the National Rifle Association yesterday but guns were not allowed into the auditorium.  As reported by various media:

“Guns are allowed in most public places in Georgia, including the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta where the NRA is holding its annual meeting through the weekend. But as with most presidential appearances, firearms aren’t allowed.

The NRA was providing lockers for free so people could stow their firearms while inside the room where Trump was to speak Friday afternoon.

Also, each person entering the hall at the center had to go through metal detectors and have bags inspected.

President Donald Trump was the first sitting president to address a National Rifle Association convention in more than 30 years when he spoke yesterday at the group’s annual meeting.

Trump has been a champion of gun rights and supportive of NRA efforts to loosen restrictions on gun ownership. During the campaign, he promised to do away with President Barack Obama’s efforts to strengthen background checks.

According to the NRA, the last president to address an NRA convention was Ronald Reagan, who spoke in 1983.”

A little bit of hypocrisy here given that the NRA has recommended that teachers carry guns to protect themselves and their students in schools.   



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