Back in Seville: Good Friday – Más Procesiones!



Dear Commons Community,

Elaine and I returned to Seville from Granada late yesterday.  Today is Good Friday, the holiest day among Christians and the observances especially the processions dominate Seville life.  Large parts of the city are literally closed down.  No cars are allowed at all in many áreas especially the old town.  Across from our hotel, there were thirteen processions scheduled all starting in the Seville Cathedral.  We had a great viewing spot three stories high from the hotel terrace.

The processions are of great importance to the people and inspire deep religious fervor.  You see marchers and bystanders with tears in their eyes.  The floats or pasos depict religious scenes especially the Passion of Christ.  They are colorful and creative so much so that you can buy small replicas in the souvenir shops.

The video at the top of this post will give visitors to this blog the sounds especially the music of the processions.


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