OLC Conference:  Excellent Speakers – Vaughan, Kanter!

Dear Commons Community,

I attended several excellent presentations yesterday at the OLC Annual Conference as part of the Leaders Network Program organized by colleagues, Eric Fredericksen and Peter Shea.  Norm Vaughn (Mt. Royal University, Calgary)  gave a well-received talk on faculty development for online education.  Martha Kanter, former Under Secretary of Education, strayed from her prepared presentation and reviewed what the Trump presidency might mean for higher education. She indicated that although there have been few specifics from Trump, she thought there might be significant overlap with President Obama.  She also commented on the free public college proposals of the Democrats and indicated this would likely move to some states and localities. She commented that 150 communities were already in discussions for developing public-private funding for making at least the first two years of college free.

Today, I am looking forward to hearing what Stephen Kosslyn, Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer,  has to say about Minerva Schools.  I am also giving a presentation on Higher Education’s Digital Future at 3:15 in the Asian 2 Room. Come by if you are at the conference.


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