Hillary’s Achilles Heel:  The Clinton Foundation!

Dear Commons Community,

As we move into the Fall presidential campaign season, most polls show Hillary Clinton with a comfortable lead over Donald Trump.  However, her supporters are cautioning that she cannot take anything for granted.  Elizabeth Warren has said on more than one occasion to her and her campaign staff “Don’t Screw this up”.  Hillary has at least one really serious  trust problem, The Clinton Foundation, and the appearance of quid pro quo of donations for access.  It has reached the point where she, her husband, and her daughter have to disengage gracefully from The Foundation.  This will not be an easy sell.

The New York Times is reporting that Edward G. Rendell, a former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, said The Foundation should be disbanded if Mrs. Clinton wins, and he added that it would make sense for the charity to stop taking foreign donations immediately.

“I think they’ll do the right thing,” Mr. Rendell said, “and the right thing here is, without question, that the first gentleman have nothing to do with raising money for the foundation.”

Hillary has horrific trustworthiness ratings with the American people and The Foundation appears to be her most serious problem right now even with her supporters.




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