Video: Trump Protests Erupt in Arizona and New York!

Dear Commons Commuunity,

Coming on the heels of protests in Utah on Friday, “Stop Trump” protests erupted in Arizona. Here in New York there was a protest march from Central Park to the Trump International Tower.

A Donald Trump rally in Tucson that began with near-constant interruptions reached a violent crescendo when a protester was punched and kicked while being escorted out.   A man dressed in an American flag shirt (see video above) and holding a sign showing Trump’s face with the slogan “Bad for America,” was pulled to the ground by someone in the stands. He was punched at least once and kicked several times before police separated the two men.

In New York (see video below), thousands of protesters, angry over Trump’s hateful rhetoric, chanted “f— Trump!” and “Donald Trump! Go away!” as they rallied around the Trump International Tower building near 60th St. and Columbus Circle.

The protest in New York signifies that “Stop- Trump” is evolving into a national movement and will no longer be limited to where he makes appearances.

Happy Palm Sunday!





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