Republican Presidential Nominee Debate:  Revenge of the Governors – Bush, Christie, and Kasich!

Dear Commons Community,

Last night’s Republican Presidential Nominee Debate is being characterized as the revenge of the governors, namely, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich.  Each of them scored points:

  • Bush on the question of how Donald Trump has used eminent domain  to try to displace an elderly woman in order to build a parking lot for his casino;
  • John Kasich expressing deep sensitivity on dealing with the families of illegal immigrants;
  • Chris Christie attacking Rubio’s inexperience ad reducing him to babble about underestimating President Barack Obama.  During this exchange Rubio looked inexperienced and completely rattled.

The other candidates (Trump, Carson, and Cruz) had little impact and were not in the fray except for Trump with the eminent domain issue.

To my dismay, there were but three passing, one-line comments by the nominees about education.  I had emailed David Muir (the ABC News moderator for the debate) to no avail earlier to please consider the 75 million pre-k through college students when formulating his questions.  



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