Chaos in the Iowa Primaries: Cruz Wins, Trump Loses; Clinton and Sanders Tie!

Dear Commons Community,

The long-awaited Iowa caucuses yesterday resulted with Ted Cruz receiving 28% of the delegates, Donald Trump 24%, and Marco Rubio 23% on the Republican side with Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a virtual tie with a few tenths of a percentage point separating them.  The Huffington Post has branded these results as “the chaos has just begun”.

Various media are predicting that the results portend a massive headache for the Republicans, who face the real prospect of a fissure in the months ahead as the two leaders, Cruz and Trump duke it out, much to the chagrin of the Party establishment who do not want to see either of them win the nomination.

Things were just as confusing for the Democrats where former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clung to the slimmest of leads over Sen. Bernie Sanders, with 99% of the votes counted. Regardless of the final numbers, Clinton has a lot of work to do to convince Democrats that she is their candidate.  Rather than show herself to be the inevitable nominee yesterday — blessed with a bloodless and quick primary fight — she struggled to handle Sanders whom she once led by more than 50 points in the polls.

On to New Hampshire!


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