United States Slips a Bit in Latest World Rankings of Universities!

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The latest ranking of the world’s best universities released Wednesday shows the United States’ traditional lead has slipped a bit.

The Times Higher Education’s annual ranking of the top 200 universities worldwide includes 63 American institutions, down from 74 the year before. The U.S. still has 14 of the top 20 schools, however. 

Times Higher Education, a London-based magazine, credited America’s slip to a “surge of innovative European and Chinese schools.” The European Union and China have also been making new major investments in their universities for much of the past decade This year’s rankings are the most inclusive, looking at 800 institutions, and refined aspects of their methodology, explained on their website.

The top twenty- five universities are listed below.



The top 25 universities in the world in 2015-16, according to Times Higher Education:

Rank 2015-16 Institution Country
1 California Institute of Technology US
2 University of Oxford UK
3 Stanford University US
4 University of Cambridge UK
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology US
6 Harvard University US
7 Princeton University US
8 Imperial College London UK
9 ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Switzerland
10 University of Chicago US
11 Johns Hopkins University US
12 Yale University US
13 University of California, Berkeley US
14 University College London UK
15 Columbia University US
16 University of California, Los Angeles US
17 University of Pennsylvania US
18 Cornell University US
19 University of Toronto Canada
20 Duke University US
21 University of Michigan US
22 Carnegie Mellon University US
23 London School of Economics and Political Science UK
24 University of Edinburgh UK
25 Northwestern University US


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