Video Interview with Hunter R. Rawlings III, President of Association of American Universities, Warns of Ideologically-Motivated and Corporate-Minded Trustees!

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In a brief interview with The Chronicle of Higher Education, Hunter R. Rawlings III, president of the Association of American Universities, says that ideologically motivated and corporate-minded trustees pose a great threat to public colleges. Mr. Rawlings, who leads a group of elite research universities, was highly critical of a recent effort to fire William C. Powers Jr., president of the University of Texas at Austin. In 2012, Mr. Rawlings also admonished University of Virginia board members for forcing out Teresa A. Sullivan as president, only to reinstate her under public pressure. Both cases, Mr. Rawlings says, point toward a troubling trend that has created instability at some of the nation’s top academic institutions.

Dr. Rawlings raises one of the critical issues facing American public higher education today.



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