Why Teachers in America Leave the Profession: TFS/SASS 2014 Report!



Dear Commons Communty,

The National Center for Education Statistics released the results of its latest report (2011-12 school year) of teachers who left the profession. The report presents selected findings from the Current Teacher and Former Teacher Data Files of the 2012–13 Teacher Follow-up Survey (TFS). TFS is a nationally representative sample survey of public and private school K–12 teachers who participated in the previous year’s Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS).

The two major reasons why teachers left the classroom were retirement (38.3%) and to take a job somewhere else in a school district (29.3%).   Only 7.7% left teaching for a position outside education.  These findings represent a more stable profession than popularly believed. A summary of the major findings are below. Click on the image to enlarge.









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