Chris Christie Rips National Republican Party!

Dear Commons Community,

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey ripped the national Republican Party for bad decision-making, a loss of courage, and appealing only to an aging white population.   Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s Annual CEO Council, Christie said :

“…that the GOP’s woes stem from “bad decision-making and a loss of courage.”

“…everyone down here in D.C. has failed” to lead the nation. What’s wrong with Washington, Christie said, “primarily is the people.”

“What we have in Washington now are absolutists,” said the governor, in a speech rife with the kind of zingers that helped him win reelection this month by a wide margin in Democratic-leaning New Jersey. The recent government shutdown, Christie said, “was a train wreck everybody saw coming for months.”

Christie avoided naming names, including lightning-rod conservatives like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who, like Christie, who may harbor presidential ambitions in 2016. But he attacked the Republican Party’s reliance on grassroots voters in recent elections instead of creating a “big-tent” campaign capable of appealing to growing numbers of independent and Hispanic voters.

…According to Christie, the current GOP political logic goes something like, “the better you do, the more voters you attract, the more diverse voters you attract, the worse you do?” The governor shook his head, clearly frustrated that the party hasn’t worked harder to reach out to more voters. “Our country is changing, demographically and economically. Candidates have to understand who they’re asking to lead,” he said.

Campaigns that rely solely on appealing to a shrinking base of aging, white Republican voters “aren’t working,” he said, especially on the national stage.”

Christie is on-target but I don’t think there are enough courageous Republicans who will heed his advice in the near future.  Too many  have been cowered by Tea Party maniacs.



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