The New Yorker Magazine Cover: The Capital as a Haunted House!

Shutdown 2013 New Yorker CoverClick to enlarge.

Dear Commons Community,

The American people are frustrated with their government officials in Washington and their inability to pass legislation or get anything done especially with regard to the shutdown and the looming debt ceiling crisis.  Mark Ulriksen, an artist for The New Yorker magazine, has captured this feeling well on the cover of the current edition where he likens the Capital to a haunted house.  When asked about it, he commented:

“I’m really frustrated with the inability of Congress to do its job…Boehner and Cruz—these politicians are only after the perpetuation of their own power. There are spider webs growing in the Capitol, bats haunting it, and all this legislation that’s just dying because these guys can’t do anything. The main sign of life is that black cat. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be worth laughing at.”

So true and so sad!


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