The Chronicle of Higher Education Releases Its Annual State of Academe Almanac!

Dear Commons Community,

The Chronicle of Higher Education just published its 2013 Almanac, an annual compendium of data on American colleges and universities. This year’s Almanac features a plethora of data, tables and charts on institutions, faculty, students, technology, etc. (subscription required).  Here are a few interesting figures.

  • Seventeen of the twenty fastest growing public research institutions were in the South with eight in Texas.  CUNY’s own CCNY was the 13th fastest growing campus among public masters level institutions.
  • Three of the ten four-year, large public institutions with the highest graduation rates are part of the University of California system.  The University of Virginia at 93.9 was the highest ranked.
  • Nine of the twenty-five private colleges charging more than $50,000. for tuition were in New York with Sarah Lawrence topping the list at $61,236.
  • Among chief information officers, approximately 50% thought MOOCs offered a viable academic model for delivering online instruction  while about 30% thought they provided a viable business model for colleges to accrue new revenue from online instruction.

Lots of information to digest.  If interested in higher education, well worth acquiring a copy of the Almanac.



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