More Backlash Against MOOCs at San Jose State University!

Dear Commons Community,

The backlash at California’s San Jose State University continues.  As reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education, the California Faculty Association issued a three-page statement against the development of MOOCs at the University, President  Mohammed Qayoumi, and Udacity and edX, the companies providing MOOC services.

Using fiery language, the statement says that San Jose State does not want “to be known as Wal-Mart U.”

Tha MOOC courses rather than providing greater access “contribute to the digital divide”.

The partnerships with Udacity and edX are designed “to put more money into the pockets of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs” at the expense of California taxpayers.

The statement also was highly critical of how San Jose’s President Qayoumi has ushered in the MOOCs.

The statement concluded that the Faculty Association is not against online education but questions the MOOC model and the companies that are developing them.

The battle goes on.



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