Cappadocia and Goreme!

Istanbul Goreme Cathedral

Goreme Cathedral

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Goreme, was called Maccan in antiquity and is one of the older areas in the Cappadocia region. Within Goreme are the remains of a Christian community that lived entirely in the rock formations known as “fairy chimneys”.   Because of its remoteness, Goreme served over the years two purposes, one was a place to live an ascetic life and the other was to escape religious persecution.  Goreme in Turkish means invisible.

The remains of cave structures used as churches, a monastery, a nunnery, and other basic living quarters can be visited.  The churches are very small and served more as chapels for small groups of worshippers.  Many of them contain frescoes that can be viewed close up.  While in need of repair and restoration, some of the details on these frescoes are clearly visible.

All of the pictures on this posting were taken at the site of the Goreme religious community.  The interior shot was taken in a cave used as a dining room.



Istanbul Goreme 2

Istanbul Goreme 3

Istanbul Goreme 4Istanbul Goreme 5

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