Sloan Consortium Conference Wrap-Up!

Dear Commons Community,

Yesterday I left Orlando and am presently in Seattle meeting with colleagues on a book project.   Just a quick summary of the Sloan-C Conference that I have been attending all week.  First, it was first-rate especially the keynote.  Sebastian Thrun, had a lot to say.  The overall program likewise was well-done and I congratulate the committee that put it together.  Second, the venue, the Swan and Dolphin Resort, in the middle of Disney World attracted lots of attendees who brought their children and grandchildren with them to enjoy the attractions.    Last but not least, it was good to see and and discuss professional and personal matters with colleagues, many of whom, you only see in the flesh once or twice a year but with whom you are connected weekly via email and  social media.

All in all, a good show and congratulations to the Sloan Consortium.


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