Interview: Exploring the Dangers of the American Education-Industrial Complex!

Dear Commons Community,

I recently gave an interview for The Evolllution, on the topic, Exploring the Dangers of the American Education-Industrial Complex. You can hear the complete interview at:

Here is a brief excerpt:

Question:  Is there anything you’d like to add about the educational-industrial complex and its impact on the expansion of online learning?

“…the education-industrial complex has definitely expanded online learning in this country and higher education, and to me that’s good. But I think some of it has been done at the expense of quality and unfortunately there’s been a number of unscrupulous providers of online learning who see this as strictly a cash cow and a way to make significant profits. If you look at some of the for-profit colleges in particular, you’ll see that they’ve reaped… in excess of $1 billion in federal financial aid tuition in the past year or so.

I think there’s significant money to be made here and there needs to be a certain amount of federal regulation, particularly with financial aid, to make sure that we’re not sending students down some path that looks rosy but is full of thorns.”


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