A Look at the Future of Higher Education and its Transformation to Online Learning!

Dear Commons Community,

A colleague on the Sloan-C LISTSERV passed on the url ( http://epic2020.org/ ) for two videos, EPIC 2020 and The Breaking Point, that foresee a major transformation of higher education based on the large-scale use of online learning as the main vehicle for instruction.  EPIC 2020 is a dramatization about education during the balance of the decade.  The Breaking Point is about actual events in 2012 that are defining new models for education that will make the traditional system of higher education obsolete.    MOOCs, gaming, e-books  and open source content are among the learning technologies referenced and demonstrated.




  1. Thank you for sharing these two videos. I am really excited to share this information with my colleagues. I wrote an article about Peter Thiel’s perspective on higher education, and the feedback and conversations via LInkedin were amazing. I think we are moving into a time that we are truly unprepared for, and I fear for the loss of further human relationships/contact in person.