And Then There Were Five: Huntsman Drops Out of the Republican Primary!

Dear Commons Community,

John Huntsman dropped his bid to become the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, leaving five contenders (Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, and Paul).  In his departure speech, he endorsed Mitt Romney and cast salvos at President Barack Obama.

Last night was also yet another debate among the remaining candidates.  This one was in South Carolina and  sponsored by Fox News.  I have to admit I did not have it in me to watch another debate.  The media reports indicated that the candidates directed their attacks at the front-runner Romney.  The New York Times, for instance. summarized the debate:

“…from the moment the debate began, Mr. Romney was besieged by his opponents, all of whom are trying to survive the winnowing process of the early primaries and emerge as a singular challenger to him. They pointedly called on him to disclose his tax returns, explain whether his corporate buyout firm Bain Capital had created or killed jobs and account for his evolving views on social issues like abortion.”

Most  observers have concluded that Romney will be the Republican nominee.  The South Carolina Primary is in five days.



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