Governor Cuomo – State of New York Address!

Dear Commons Community,

Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered the state of the state address yesterday.  After reviewing the accomplishments of last year much of which involved establishing a more stable financial foundation for the state, he outlined several major new initiatives most of which would result in job creation including:

  • Development of a new convention center in Queens at the old Aqueduct Raceway.
  • Development of additional mixed-use projects in the land adjacent to the present Javits Center on Manhattan’s west side.
  • $1 billion economic development project for Buffalo.
  • Infrastructure improvements especially bridges, parks and roads.
  • Hydraulic fracturing (gas-drilling) in the southern tier.
  • Expanding casino operations throughout the state.
  • Establishment of a bipartisan education commission to examine public school reform issues especially teacher evaluation and student performance.

Several of the initiatives such as hydraulic drilling and the bipartisan education commission will draw lots of attention and political fighting among various constituencies.

We wish him luck!



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