Maureen Dowd Zings Rick Perry and the Republican Field of Presidential Candidates!!

Dear Commons Community,

Maureen Dowd has a zinger of a column today in the NY Times aimed at the Republican presidential candidates but mostly at Rick Perry.   Here are a few of her comments/hits:

Rick Perry – “I’m actually for gun control — use both hands…..and

Our education system is going to hell. Average SAT scores are falling, and America is slipping down the list of nations for college completion. And Rick Perry stands up with a smirk to talk to students about how you can get C’s, D’s and F’s and still run for president.”

Sarah Palin, who got outraged at a ‘gotcha’ question about what newspapers and magazines she read, is the mother of stupid conservatism.

Another ‘Don’t Know Much About History’ Tea Party heroine, Michele Bachmann, seems rather proud of not knowing anything, simply repeating nutty, inflammatory medical claims that somebody in the crowd tells her.”

What is really scary is that millions of Americans are going to vote for one of these candidates and the way Barack Obama is sliding in the polls may become our next commander in grief.





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