Rick Perry – Second Coming of George W. Bush!



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Mike Lupica, the popular sports writer who also does political commentary for the New York Daily News, likens Governor Rick Perry to  George W. Bush in his column today.    Below is a sample.

“So here comes the second coming of George W. Bush out of the governor’s mansion in Texas, Rick (Dubya) Perry.

Or maybe just call him W2.

Perry is taller, has much better hair, seems to believe he has an even better pipeline to God than Bush did. ..Whether Dubya Perry is holier than Michele Bachmann, the new President of Ames, Iowa, remains to be seen. For now, though, Perry and Bachmann are the headliners of the moment in the Republican Party. Barack Obama must be rooting like crazy for both of them, at the beginning of a campaign where fringe Republicans might do a better job of saving Obama than he can of saving himself.”




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