Bill O’Reilly Says We Must Stop the Hateful Rhetoric!

Dear Commons Community,

I have avoided commenting on the debt-ceiling crisis because we have been inundated in every newspaper and during hourly newscasts with the machinations of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. for about three months now.  One pundit commented that the nation’s mood has been one of “doom, disgust, and disbelief”.  However, we must really be in trouble because last Thursday, Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) lashed out at all the players – the president, the Democrats and the Republicans for their inability to get a deal done.  Imagine O’Reilly criticizing Republicans.  I never thought it would happen.  What I could not believe was his plea “to stop the hateful rhetoric” aimed primarily at President Obama.  Mr. O’Reilly must have forgotten that he works at Fox News where the Becks, Hannitys, Ingrahams, and Coulters main contributions to American society have been hateful sarcastic rhetoric.



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