Kings College – The Only Evangelical College in New York City!

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New York Magazine has a featured article on Kings College, the only Evangelical College in New York City.  Located in the Empire State Building, the college has just appointed Dinesh D’Sousa as its new president.  D’Sousa is an outspoken conservative who has had a number of best-selling books including Illiberal Education which attacked political correctness in liberal arts colleges and universities. The article describes the college as:

“… the only Evangelical college based in New York City. It was founded in New Jersey in 1938, went bankrupt in 1994, and stayed dormant until 1997, when Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) bought the school and transplanted it into the Empire State Building. The first New York class consisted of seventeen students. Last year’s incoming class was over 200, with an average SAT score of 1810 (on par with Penn State’s). But that average may soon fall, as the college plans to double its enrollment within the next four years.

Students earn bachelor’s degrees in one of three majors: PPE (politics, philosophy, and economics); business management; or media, culture, and the arts. There is a core curriculum, which features Shakespeare, Adam Smith, and Augustine. Professors are not eligible for tenure, and all of them must sign a statement of Christian faith. CCCI still owns the King’s College. The Orlando-based nonprofit, which took in $646 million in revenue last year, began by proselytizing to students at secular colleges.”

I have my office at the CUNY Graduate Center, right across the street from the Empire State Building and never knew it was there



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  1. This zealot academy managed to recruit my younger brother even though he does not regularly attend church and currently describes himself as politically liberal. I don’t know if this kid has a clue what he’s in for.