CUNY Board of Trustees Meeting – June 27, 2011

Dear Commons Community,

Below is an email that Sandi Cooper, UFS representative to the CUNY Board of Trustees, sent on the UFS LISTSERV regarding last night’s meeting of the Trustees. The good news is that $40 million dollars in increased tuition revenue was restored to the budget by New York State. On the downside, tuition will likely increase next year and maybe each of the next five years by as much as $300. And the controversial new transfer policy was passed as expected.

Dear Colleagues

The Board of Trustees held it final meeting of the semester

The Chancellor and Board chair celebrated the Governor and Legislature for the tuition increase. The chancellor’s office will need about two weeks to determine how the new sources of income will be distributed. In addition to the new tuition increase, CUNY was able to keep the $40 million from this year which is not going to the State …

The major document — the transfer policy — passed, of course, with the expected contingent of students cheering on the trustees who spoke in its favor and roaring their approval of Executive Vice Chancellor Alexandra Logue who, in her speech, effusively thanked them for their support and help. She also thanks her staff, the chancellor and a variety of college administrators. Faculty — apart from those few who apparently have written private memos to her and the trustees — were ignored.

A statement which I read into the record will be posted tomorrow.

The trustees were unmoved by the entire collection of faculty proposals, protests, letters, statements and commentary posted on the UFS website.


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