New York City Seeks to Build a New Engineering School!

Dear Commons Community,

Sorry I have not been active on the blog this week but between end of semester activities and the beginning of a two-week visit by my daughter (she lives in Seattle) and two grand children, time is at a premium.

The NY Times yesterday had a short piece yesterday quoting Robert Steel, NYC’s deputy mayor for economic development, as  saying that the city was seeking seek a top caliber academic institution such as M.I.T. as a partner in building a school for applied science and engineering. The city is willing to consider locating it on one or more of its properties, including the old hospital campuses at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and on Roosevelt Island.   Of course, the major question that was raised immediately is why doesn’t the City seek to invest into the engineering schools (Manhattan, Cooper Union, Columbia, CCNY) that already exist.  As part of the online version of the article are reader comments.


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