World Aids Day – Dim our Digital World

Dear Commons Community,

The NY Times is reporting that this coming Wednesday, December 1st, a number of celebrities will be sacrificing their digital lives in observance of World Aids Day.  They will not communicate/participate on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook, etc. until donations to the World Aids Day fund reaches $1 million.  Maybe we should also participate by letting our CUNY Academic Commons go blank for twenty-four hours.


The NY Times article is available at:


  1. I like that this is raising awareness again for the cause. With the world’s finances in trouble I think diseases and other charitable needs are often forgotten. I mean no disrespect to the cause but could the celebs not just donate the money between them and then post on their twitter pages? That way the charity gets back links, twitter trends and the followers will be more inclined to donate themselves. Just a thought.