Give Thanks and Pray for Our Future!

Dear Commons Community,

Frank Rich and Tom Friedman  have important things to say in their columns in today’s NY Times.  Frank Rich’s piece, Still the Best Congress Money Can Buy, is a blast at our legislative leaders who cater to the rich and powerful.  His best comments refer to  “the hijacking of the political system by anonymous special interests”.

Tom Friedman’s column, Got to Get This Right, is a sober look at the mega-issues plaguing our country.  He quotes a recent Rasmussen Reports telephone poll that showed:

“ that 47 percent of America’s likely voters said the nation’s “best days are in the past,” 37 percent said they are in the future. Sixteen percent were undecided. Just before President Obama was inaugurated, 48 percent said our best days were still ahead and 35 percent said they had come and gone.”

On this Thanksgiving weekend while we give thanks for our bounty, we might also take time to pray for our future.


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