47th Anniversary of “I Have a Dream”!

Dear Commons Community,

Today, August 28th, 2010, is the 47th anniversary of the March on Washington and the “I Have a Dream” speech delivered by the Reverend Martin Luther King.  For me, both then (as a teenager)  and now as I look back on how our nation has evolved, I feel it was the beginning of us moving forward in dealing with issues of race.  I know we have a ways to go but I believe sincerely that we have made genuine progress in the past 47 years in how all of us see, talk, and interact with each other.

However, on this anniversary I have a great concern that our attention will be focused on another assemblage in Washington, D.C. organized by Glenn Beck and supported largely by the Tea Party.  His message whether direct or subtle will be the exact opposite of what the Reverend Martin Luther King delivered 47 years ago.   I sincerely hope that history does not repeat itself and that today’s oratory does not put our nation on a Glenn Beck road of racial division and hatred.


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