Not Everyone Needs a College Degree!

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An article in the NY Times that was forwarded by my colleague, Greg Johnson, at Hunter College, raises the question of whether there are too many people pursuing a college degree as the main vehicle for job/career success.   The article refers to the low graduation rates of many college students particularly if measured against a six-year completion rate for earning a bachelor’s degree.   This latter issue is controversial because many students especially those in commuter institutions take longer than six years to complete a degree as studied and documented by our colleagues, Paul Attewell and David Lavin, in Passing the Torch.   Regardless the NY Times article (see below for the URL), presents a case that many students rather than pursuing a college education would be better off with intensive vocational training as an extension of high school or through a corporate entity.   The article cites examples of jobs that are predicted to have large growth in the coming decades such as in health care assistance that do not require a college education.


The NY Times article can be found at:

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